Monday, April 1, 2013

The Foodie Couple: Q Kebab Gourmet Doner Kebab

It's my sister in-law's prom night and the husband is the designated driver. As much as we would love to just laze around doing nothing at home, we had to drive as far the end of Quezon Avenue (I think) to drop off the princess.:)

The plan was to wait up until the whole activity is done but we ended up driving back home just so we can finish at least a thing or two.

The husband is scheduled for his diamond peel session anyway so we thought it would be best  if we go to the spa, eat dinner at home, rest for a while then drive back to the venue.

But when we were in Katipunan area, the husband mentioned that there are a lot of "kainan" in the area and he offered that if something appeals to me, we can just eat out.

Ganun pala ha, madali lang yan. Wink. Wink. The foodie in me just couldn't resist the offer.

We drove around the area and indeed, there are a lot of restos you can choose from. I saw xocolat but I am looking for something that is not so sweet but something that is heavy enough for dinner. Then there were milk tea stations and others.

Lo and behold, I saw Q Kebab Gourmet Doner Kebab. At first I was kinda irritated because they didn't have a menu outside. It could have been easier di ba pero since i liked their ambiance- not too cozy and nothing fancy, we decided to eat there na lang.

I think the husband has unofficially designated me as his food "orderer" (kung may word man na ganun) because everytime we eat out, he relies on my ordering skills (kung meron man again) eh pareho lang naman kaming hindi alam kung anu maganda. 

He does that every time so I am left confused with what to get while he just walks around the resto reading every thing that can possibly be read. 

I am not complaining at this rate. Anyway, it makes me feel so wifely.:) But may pressure..hmmmm...

the menu
I ordered their best seller na lang to make things simple.

canvass bags used as decors. i wonder what's inside these bags. hmmmm

While waiting for our order (it took the staff a good 5-10 minutes to prepare our food) the husband and I busied ourselves playing Tapped Out.

hummus and pita bread
beef basmati bowl
 the husband's order

chicken shwarma
strawberry and mango yogurt drink
for his and her

let's eat!

so big wasn't able to finish this one
Oh that's just me sporting my kurtina blouse and my eye luggages.

Nice food. Nice company. I do not usually eat out because there are no good restos in Mindoro yet and I find it boring if I eat alone. We Filipinos are so into talking. We talk before we eat, while eating and after eating. 

I love it that the husband and I are going out to small dates every now and then. According to him it's our way of making up for those date night we didn't have when we were still studying. I know, he is the sweetest.:)

Looking forward to more dates..... and food!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Foodie Couple: Mama Chit's

Have I mentioned that the husband is the sweetest person I know? Perhaps I did mention it already. Andaming beses na ata. Well, you see, He really knows how to push my buttons and he makes me feel important and so loved.

I have mentioned in my previous posts that I have been preparing for my interview for promotion scheduled on Mar 13-15. Our plan was for me to leave Mindoro on Mar 9 so I can have the weekend to run through the 3.2km pft route and then finalize everything to include my uniforms which should have been full of tailor's chalk by then.

Errrrrrr  and I had to pick up my especially made shoes from the Gibson pagawaan at Marikina pa.

But because of some unforeseen events, I left Mindoro on March 10. The husband fetched me at cubao and we then picked up my shoes.

Thanks to Kuya Ver of Gibson's Marikina for making my pumps. To tell you, I had to ask Kuya Ver to make a smaller size of this pair of shoes kasi my feet are so small! 

who say's pumps are boring
I was happy with the result. According to Kuya Ver, they seldom make this pumps because most of their clients are from the PNP and they wear a different design of pumps. Good thing that he agreed to make a size 6 1 /2 size of this design for me.

On our way home, I mentioned to the husband that when I was researching how to get to Gibson's Marikina, I bumped on some foodie sites featuring nice kainan's in Marikina. 

He agreed (thanks dear) that we eat out na lang. Google map is a great help but it doesn't give you everything especially if you are not familiar with the place. We almost got lost.

After rechecking our maps and referred to ever reliable map-agtatanungan bystanders, we finally found Mama Chit's. 

We didn't order immediately because we got caught up with the ambiance.

It's a perfect place for vintage lovers. You can find a lot of memorabilia from the 70's to the 90's. The owner must have been so into these era.
old soft drinks case used as condiments holder
plates bigger than trucks
vintage crayola cans
made me want to make soup soon:)
the husband busy reading hmmmmm
our table waiting for us and our food
onion rings
roasted turkey wrap
putanesca chuwariwaps
I am a pasta person but this one is different. It's very yummy and you can really taste the mixture of oils and herbs. 

I am very happy with our first eat out experience. Mall food are getting boring and I think they're expensive too! I think we will now prefer to be adventurous foodies. Adventure talaga kasi we do not know how to reach our destination.haha 

For now, I have a short list of resto I want to visit. I'm so excited. Thank you, husband for spoiling me.:)

Friday, March 22, 2013

They're Coming!

Guess who's coming to town!

Our family will have their vacation here. Yayness!

I'm so freaking excited about it. Plane tickets and hotel are booked! 

See you soon, dear family.:)

Subic Adventure

I was in the mainland from February 25 to march 3 because I had to report to my mother unit to process my application for promotion.

Tanay, Rizal and fort Bonifacio became my staple destinations during that week. Thankfully, I was able to wrap up everything by Friday  march 1, morning so I was free the weekend just in time because our friends have invited as for a whole day gala at Subic, Zambales.

I never really had friends. I meant, I have friends but i do not spend time with them. We only exchange hi's and hellos thru text or over the internet. Why, you may ask. I say, 1) my friends in grade school are all working in the different parts of the country if not the world 2) I studied in Cagayan de Oro in High School so most of my high school friends are from there and 3) PMA, oh hail to thee! My mistah's are all so busy serving the AFP! OMG.

Given that, going out with the husband's friends is such a breather. We seldom talk about work and just simply enjoy each other's company. I may not be part of the original gang but I feel that i am very welcome in the group.

Here's our IT/ travel memo prepared by our very good and hyper friend Marian.

Walk on the Wild Side
prepping up for the free fall
Didn't know he wanted this one. Ikaw na ang extremist!
opted for the usual free fall
We made it!
Kate and Karlo, the Husband and me, Marian, Kris, John and Pam
 After Ocean Adventure and Tree Top adventure ( two adventures in one sentence{now you know why this is entitled Subic Adventure}), we went shopping and then had our dinner at Seafood by the Bay. The husband and I were not so hungry because we had early breakfast and we had sandwiches for baon. Iba na ang prepared.:) w

Arrived home around twelve midnight. Took a short rest then prepared again to leave for work.

Hmmmmm.....tired but sobrang happy!

'til, next time dabarkads!

For more photos check out marian's and pam's album.:)

Monday, March 4, 2013

Keep Calm and Write On

So many pending jobs. 

So many compliance... 

So little time...


Then  saw this photo.

Reminds me to relax and take things easy.

It's a beautiful world.


Monday, February 18, 2013

Hello Monday

Mondays are usually hectic for everyone. For most of us, Mondays are the worst day of the week. Still tired from the weekend fun, too lazy to start the week and the disastrous pending jobs that you have to finish

Luckily, I do not feel the same way about Mondays albeit my work is physically demanding as in I have to be there physically. Unlike most you where work means eight in the morning to five in the afternoon. 

Well, that's just not the case for me. You see, I work when the bosses require me. I can have work anytime of the day so i can be called to do some things very early in the morning or in some random late hour at night. 

There are admins stuffs I have to attend to but those are just easy. Routinary jobs are not challenging that I don't even consider it work. Hello. I want things that makes me gripe and think.

For me, Mondays are just like Tuesdays or Fridays- nothing is darn special or extra fab about it. No flag raising ceremony to attend to. Most of all no conference prepare for. 


For me, Monday is another day to celebrate life and be happy. I'm a happy person so I guess it's normal that i see happiness in every thing day, be it Monday or Friday.

Mondays are another reason to be thankful that another week has passed and that another one has just begun. Think of all the things you can learn, the people you can make smile and the difference you can make.

So get your lazy patooties up, and start the week right! Have a great week ahead, everyone!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Hearts Day 2013!

Checked my Facebook and Twitter account and wasn't really surprised to read love quotes, messages, passion framed in beautiful shots. After all, its heart's day! It's the time to be mushy and sweet and romantic.:)

While everybody's happy and thinking fancy, I am busy writing. I have loads of pending jobs and  i have to finish them before the husband arrives tonight.

And then I saw this image from the internet and i cant stop thinking about it!

Waaaaahhhhhh! I want this yummerrrrrr!